CRI provides logistical support for the film and television production industry. We are proud to have taken part in over 3,500 feature films, television shows, commercials and music videos since 1969. Our technical efforts were rewarded by a 1994 Technical Academy Award nomination for our remote helicopter. Our camera division provides specialty stunt cameras for dangerous, remote or hard-to-get sequences. Director Peter MacGregor-Scott ("The Fugitive") said, "you would not want to be where we put their cameras." They have been buried, rolled over cliffs, crashed by a train, blown up, jumped by a bus, flown off a mountain and used to capture the on-screen flight of "Superman" - all designed to capture the shot and survive.

Our CineMarine division provides a full range of boats on-screen or behind the camera along with highly-qualified professional marine and underwater coordination, technicians, safety/rescue personnel and specialty technical advisors. Director Peter Donen ("U.S. Marshals", "U-571" and "Bourne Identity") said "the fantastic CineMarine team kept my team afloat". Director Sam Raimi ("The Gift") said, for his most stressful underwater scenes, he  "trusted the safety of his cast and crew to the experts at CineMarine".

Cast Away - U571 - The Gift - Charlie's Angels - Artificial Intelligence - Waterworld - The Bourne Identity - U.S. Marshals - Face Off - J.A.G. - Wings - Hunt for Red October - Apollo 13 - Amistad - GI Jane - Indecent Proposal - Under Siege - Extra TV - Star Trek Generations - MTV Senseless Acts of Video - City of Angels - Sabrina - Providence - X Files - Homicide - 3rd Rock from the Sun - Americas Most Wanted - Vampire in Brooklyn - Seaquest DSV - Follow the Stars - BMW "Hired" - Discovery "Spacecamp" - General Hospital, Passions & many others!

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