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Filming on or under the water is always potentially hazardous. We can coordinate your marine activities or augment your crew. Our team consists of highly-qualified marine professionals in a variety of specialties. Whether your project calls for boat crews, lifeguards, rescue swimmers, crew paramedics or underwater experts, you want only the best to support and safeguard your crew. We have licensed captains, former and current U.S. Navy divers, military "Special Operations" personnel, underwater law enforcement trainers, deep-sea mixed-gas and submarine rescue experts, master dive instructors, underwater stunt actors and rigging experts. Our Coordinator is a former U.S. Navy diver, Los Angeles Police Dive Team Leader and an honored underwater instructor whom the LOS ANGELES TIMES says is "called an expert by the experts".

For training your cast or crew, you need absolutely the finest qualified people. Our staff is certified at the highest levels by NAUI (National Association of Underwater Instructors), PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) and other agencies. They have been honored with recognitions, awards and by contented clients. In an "acting" industry, don't rely on inexperienced sport divers but trained specialists who have done it for real - on combat missions, on police waterborne narcotic searches, protecting U.S. Presidents, salvaging treasure and rescuing and safeguarding the lives of others. Tell us what you need and trust only the best.

  • Marine Location Scouting (ocean, lake, animals, pools and filming tanks)
  • Specialized Equipment
  • Military and Commercial Diving Technical Advisors

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