Underwater Scuba Support (current or vintage)
Equipment support for your underwater film unit.
  • Modern "open circuit"
  • Contemporary, futuristic or antiquated dive equipment (circa 1920-60s) for on-screen applications
  • Military Special Forces or SEAL equipment (open, semi-closed and closed- circuit systems)
  • Commercial Deep-Sea ( surface-supplied, Navy MkV or modern "glass hats")
"Bubble-free" Underwater Team
If you are concerned about bubbles ruining your shot (like in "The Gift" or "Bourne Identity"), our team of divers equipped with CCUs (closed circuit unit) can handle the mission.

Hydro-Gyro Camera Stabilization
Smooth out the sea! Get your marine shots without making your audience seasick. The Hydro-Gyro system electronically levels your camera with the horizon you create. The mount is compatible with a variety of bases. Call for a sample CD to see for yourself.

Underwater Public Address/Diver Recall System
Broadcast topside voice, secondary audio input or a selection of alarms to underwater personnel.

Underwater Communication System
Two-way communication between multiple divers or divers-surface. Also available with a head-mounted lipstick camera.

Underwater Tracking System
Directly track and immediately locate any target to which you attach the transmitter. Ideal for manned underwater stunt safety (such as car jumps into the water) or protecting expensive props and equipment.

DPV (Diver Propulsion Vehicle)
Reduce diver fatigue or extend swimming range. Various models provide range of speed, endurance and payload capacity - some with the capability of camera-mounting for smooth underwater shots.

Underwater Filming/Scouting Sled
Our towed sled allows the diver to control his depth of "flight". The sled uses a clear dome to eliminate water flow over the diver and camera. Ideal for covering a larger area or speed higher than swimming or DPV

Inert ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle)
Non-operative remote video system such as used to explore the Titanic. Has fully operational lighting.

Confined Underwater Filming
We have access to a number of sites to accommodate single divers to full underwater sets. These include pools, civilian and military diver-training tanks, aquariums or custom-built filming tanks where temperature, visibility and lighting can be controlled.

Portable shark cage Actors custom nude or colored wetsuits

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