BODYMOUNT: Our stunt cameras have been mounted on cars, motorcycles, skateboards, bobsleds and other vehicles but the vibration has often taken a toll. Our Chestmount system dampers the vibration and is available in either a fixed mount or adjustable style to suit your need. The adjustable model allows even a reverse mount for filming toward the actor's face with a wide lens. The CRI Chestmount has been useful in capturing sequences too hazardous for other systems - motorcycle and jet-ski jumps, helicopter rope descents, bungee descents from a balloon, swinging in the trees with "Tarzan" and it has been on the front lines with NFL Films.
HELMET: The HelmetCam fits comfortably with a sliding adjustable jaw and chin cup. The advanced full-face design provides excellent visibility and allows low-angle shooting. An incorporated Newton ringsight allows precise camera alignment. The helmet, without camera, weighs less than four pounds. The mount allows the use of our Super 16 or 35mm Eyemo, digital video or lipstick video cameras. Consider using the bodymount if the situation involves a high level of inertia or violent movement that endangers the operator's neck.

MODULAR FAST-CASE: For faster rigging and convenience, use this option for our Reflex Eyemo. It utilizes dovetail mounts with no bolts. Made of aluminum for low-medium impact protection.

FIRE-SAFE HOUSING: Our double-walled safe with quartz-glass lens window is designed for an Eyemo inside flames and temperature to 2000 degrees.

UNDERWATER LEXAN SHALLOW-WATER HOUSING: For using our non-reflex Eyemo in shallow-water applications up to fifteen feet deep.

UNDERWATER REFLEX HOUSING: This aluminum housing is built for our reflex Eyemo and includes a built-in monitor for the operator and an optional video feed to the surface.

QUAD-CAM: For terrain too rough for other equipment, our four-wheel drive ATV vehicle, with its powerful 600ci engine, can be used for a handheld or mounted camera or used with the HG Gyro camera mount.

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