The professionals don't risk their primary cameras for dangerous shots. Our Eyemo cameras are custom-built but simple systems designed to be used in hazardous or tight spots and capture sharp, steady pictures to be inter-cut with footage from other production cameras. All CRI Eyemos have multi-speed crystal-synch speeds from 12 to 48 frames per second and digital readout panels. Packages typically include four lenses (Canon 17mm t4.0, 20mm t2.8, 24mm t2.8 & 35mm t2.8), filters (clear, 85, ND3, ND6, ND9 & polarizer), ground-glass viewfinder (1:85 or TV aspect ratio), crash housing, two battery packs and hard-wire remote cables in two lengths. The cameras use 100-foot film spools readily available in a choice of film stock. We have versions to fit every budget and application on land, in the air and under the water.

CRASH VF35 - Available with academy, full aperture or Super-35 gate. The readout panel displays voltage, FPS and footage. The film speed is adjustable in whole single digits.

UNIVERSAL SLIMLINE VF35 or VF16 - This model utilizes a pancake motor with a thinner profile and available in 35mm or Super 16 versions. The full-aperture gate accommodates all aspect-ratio applications. The interchangeable lens mount (Canon, Nikon, Panavision or Zeiss PL) allows you to select from our Canon and Nikon lenses or use your own Panavision or Zeiss aspherical or anamorphic lenses. The film speed is adjustable in 1/100 increments.

DUO REFLEX 35 - This style is equipped with an optical prism to allow direct reflex viewing or video tap for remote viewing or recording. The internal Arriflex ground-glass displays frame lines for 1:85, TV & Super-35 aspect ratios. Control cables are dual-switch for video & camera control. This model accommodates Canon or Nikon lens options and is ideal for precise framing, hand-held shots, or use with our Body-Mount and wireless transmitter or custom underwater housings.


  Optional Lenses:
  • Canon *14mm 2.8 *Fisheye 7.5mm *100mm 2.8 *Speed 24mm or 50mm 1.4
  • Nikon lens set (18mm 3.5, 20mm 2.8, 24mm 2.8 & 35mm 2.8) or Speed 50mm 1.4
  • Inline optical Boresight (to eliminate parallax distortion on VF Eyemo)
  • Wireless trigger switch
  • High-load Adapter (expands VF35 or Reflex 35 camera to 200 foot film load)
  • Wireless Video system (for Reflex model)
  • Onboard Video monitor (for Reflex model)
  • Headset Video monitor (for Reflex model)
  • Car Mounts

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