Underwater filming is more than a matter of equipment. A high level of underwater proficiency and training, knowledge of the surroundings, the right equipment and instincts are essential. We can provide qualified operators, support and safety personnel for an undersea film project. Please peruse our screen credits for examples.

Panasonic Digital PV-DV1000 3CCD
The DV1000 is a small and lightweight underwater unit allowing black and white color balancing. The underwater housing affords full external control. Try the optional DP Video-Feed allowing topside monitoring and direct recording onto a Betacam or VTR deck.

Digital 3CCD Pickup Black Color Balance White Color Balance Variable aspect ratio
Focal range 6 - 60mm 10:1 Zoom Lens f1:1.6 .5 footcandles (5 lux) 600 lines res. NTSC

Lipstick Camera - Toshiba 1K-M40A
Underwater or land use in or out of watertight housing. Attach it to a diver - use it as an underwater video tap - attach it to moving objects or in tight, concealed or wet locations.
Digital Video output
Interchangeable lenses
High-speed shutter choice
S-Video Output
Color Balance (black or white)
High resolution (500,000 pixels @ 600 LHR)

Sony Digital DCR VX2000
Go with the pro! 3CCD, Mini DV, 12x Optical/48x Digital Zoom, Advanced HAD CCD Aspherical lens, color viewfinder, 2.5" LCD screen, progressive scan CCD (Optical Super Steady Shot). Custom aluminum underwater housing includes optical viewfinder and water detector alarm. Depth rated to 300 feet. Accepts NP-F950 battery. Size: 16" long x 7 " wide (12 " with handles) x 8" high. Dry weight = 14 lbs, slightly negative in water.
Housing Controls:
Power on-off
Tape record/standby
White balance
Manual focus
Focus auto/manual switch
Manual exposure wheel
ND filter control
Internal color correction filter

Canon Digital XL-1
3CCD, Mini DV, 16x Optical/328x Digital Zoom, color viewfinder and interchangeable lenses Custom aluminum underwater housing includes optical color NTSC viewfinder and audio moisture detector alarm. Depth rated to 250 feet. Size: 15 3/4" long x 11" wide (14" with handles) x 10 " high. Dry weight = 22 lbs, neutral in water.

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